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Bee Careful Out There

This time of year bees are all over the place building new hives for winter. Avoid the sting by remaining calm and leaving them alone. Do not swat at them. They emit a chemical to warn other bees of danger. If you bother them, you […]


Hyacynth Jewels – Commercial Photography

Hinsdale Central #1_1024pix

Friday Night Lights – Chicago commercial Photographer

© 2014 Tim Perroud I love shooting football. It’s where I got my start as a photographer, shooting for the Livingston County Press and Brighton Argus in Michigan. It’s both exciting and challenging.

USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) ships crew - Air Department (V-1)

Ships Crew – USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3)

This is a shot I took in 1993 aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). I have fond memories of those days and still have great lifelong friends from the ship. I really miss not living near the ocean now. The smell, seafood, and hitting the […]

Red Pumps

We’re All Pumped Up – Naperville Commercial Photographers

My wifes hot red pumps.

Innovation Unleashed Calendar_1600pix

Innovation Unleashed Calendar – Chicago Commercial Photographers

Solid as a Rock!

Naperville & Chicago, IL Commercial Photographer

Rob & Courtney_800

FEEDBACK FRIDAY – Spotty Lighting

FRIDAY FEEDBACK – Jana Ash Miller How do you handle shooting a wedding in the middle of a sunny day, where you can’t change the location, and the bride is in the sun and the groom is in a partial shadow….. This is my take […]

Blue Angels

Boeing – Our New Client. Commercial Photographer Naperville & Chicago, IL

Yesterday, I picked up my badge to start shooting assignments for Boeing’s World Headquarters in Chicago. I think my photographic career may start soaring to new heights.

1937 Didge Pickup_1024pix

1937 Custom Dodge Pickup – Commercial Photographers Chicago & Naperville, IL

This is a 1937 custom Dodge pickup, shot for the cover of Rod & Kulture Illustrated in the Summer of 2013. This is an amazing vehicle, said to be worth $350,000. Its literally a “funny car”. It’s so bad ass. You need earplugs when they […]