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Hyacynth Jewels – Commercial Photography

Hinsdale Central #1_1024pix

Friday Night Lights – Chicago commercial Photographer

© 2014 Tim Perroud I love shooting football. It’s where I got my start as a photographer, shooting for the Livingston County Press and Brighton Argus in Michigan. It’s both exciting and challenging.

Innovation Unleashed Calendar_1600pix

Innovation Unleashed Calendar – Chicago Commercial Photographers

1937 Didge Pickup_1024pix

1937 Custom Dodge Pickup – Commercial Photographers Chicago & Naperville, IL

This is a 1937 custom Dodge pickup, shot for the cover of Rod & Kulture Illustrated in the Summer of 2013. This is an amazing vehicle, said to be worth $350,000. Its literally a “funny car”. It’s so bad ass. You need earplugs when they […]


Our Hero’s – “A Veterans Salute” Chicago & Naperville Photographer

Al Lewis_800pix

Chicago IL Naperville IL Commercial Photographer – Memorial Day

Vietnam Veteran Alan Lynch, was awarded the Medal of Valor for his life saving actions during the Vietnam War.